Once upon no time, there was a little Soul who said to God, "I know who I am."

And God said, "That's wonderful! Who are you?"

And the Little Soul shouted, "I'm the Light!"

God smiled a big smile. "That's right!" God exclaimed. "You are the Light."

The Little Soul was so ha...

On my 31st birthday, I received the book called Better Than Chocolate: 50

Proven Ways to Feel Happier written by Siimon Reynolds.  It has 50 simple ways to improve your life and feel better about yourself.  Too often we make the mistake of giving others the responsibili...

Please read the following article written by Mike Adams.  It shares valuable information about how Fish oil supplements are more beneficial for mental health patients than antipsychotic drugs.


Mikao Usui, the Father of Reiki, recommended repeating these principles “for the improvement of mind and body” every morning and evening.

Reiki can benefit in all levels. Physically it provides deep relaxation, relieves pain, enhances the effects and reduces side effect...

Brené Brown is an amazing storyteller.  In this video she takes us through her journey of discovering what it truly means to be wholehearted.

Have you ever wondered how some people experience really tough events in their life, like any kind of abuse, abandonment, or any...

Usui Reiki Ryoho (‘Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method’) is the original name attributed to Reiki by Mikao Usui. Reiki means ‘spiritual energy’ and Ryoho means ‘healing method, therapy, remedy, or cure’. Reiki consists of channeling the universal energy through the ha...

An estimated 2 million Ontario residents now see a naturopathic doctor


August 2011

According to the survey, women are both more likely to be familiar with naturopathic medicine (49% versus 36%) and more likely to have a positive impression of it (77% versus 66%) a...

This is one of those talks that touched my heart. It made me think about all those times things don't turn out the way we want and we easily give up. After watching this video, I was stripped of all my excuses to create my own life. It's all about experiencing the jour...

These are just a few reasons to see a Naturopathic Doctor (ND).  The list is presented by the OAND (Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors), one of the professional organizations in Canada for NDs.

  1. Rather than focusing on a symptom, Naturopathic Doctors fo...

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